Starts January 10, 2022

Meet Jessica Stroud, the dynamic CEO and marketing innovator who quite literally wrote the book on attracting highly qualified clients every single day on social media.

If Unicorns had a ruler, Amy Cattaneo would be the supreme ruler of all the happy unicorns. 

She's a dynamic human being who has always been a happy person..........until she wasn't for a moment in her life. 
Amy started her journey in New York where she met the love of her life before settling in Dallas, Texas. She graduated college with an MBA in Accounting. Amy started off working as an Accountant in one of the big 4 firms in the country, but despite the perks, benefits, stellar salary, and all the material blessings of the position, she wasn't happy. So, she quit.
With her bag of positivity, and the love of her fiance' she made her way to Dallas, Texas where they started over as she worked job to job looking for her state of "happy." 
Her journey has been pretty extensive to date, but we'll save that for when you jump into the course and get to know her personally.

"I can't explain to you how much this program helped me during a time I really needed it. As a mom whose husband Works late nights, I was overwhelmed trying to take care of everyone else but myself. I am naturally a very positive and optimistic person before I started on the program everything I was saying was so negative and exhausting. I needed a way back to my old self. This program did just that. I took notes and would get excited for our Zoom meetings because it felt nice to be heard and to know I had a supportive group that was battling similar issues. Amy helped me find gratitude and find my way out of this brain fog that i was living in. I started the happiness program almost a year ago and I still go back and do the Journaling and videos. I listen to the podcasts daily. I could go on about how wonderful this program is but I strongly encourage you to find out for yourself. "
 - Charlie W                                                               
    "The Happiness program made me dig deep inside myself. I had to acknowledge that my own personal need for perfection was keeping me from taking action. Amy is an amazing coach who helped me focus on little changes and taking action. I learned to focus on small wins. I highly recommend this program. Each morning I acknowledge what I am grateful for and appreciate my wins. When I look back I was successful in having crucial conversations at work that were long overdue. Amy is extremely knowledgeable and provided assistance with my healthy eating journey. This is a program that keeps on giving. I can look back on parts and review them again. "
    - Betty M

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    Seventy to 80% of our happiness comes from genetics, and an overwhelming amount of scientific data suggests our level of happiness is inherited.

    The rest is a result of our choices.

    The Happiness Program will help you access the happier version of yourself in 8 weeks so you can begin living a truly happy life.

    Every week, you'll be taken through exercises to help you:

    • Discover how to stay self-motivated while in pursuit of happiness
    • Remove the discomfort of anxiety, self-doubt, and unfulfilling relationships with things or people
    • Create an environment where you access gratitude and joy as you're working on yourself
    • ​Find empowerment in loving your body while working to be healthier
    • ​Redirecting your emotions to fuel energy positively into your daily life


    Happiness is a state of being and it's different for everyone.

    In The Happiness Program, we'll identify what happiness means to you and you'll learn tips, tricks, tactics, and processes for discovering what happiness is for you.

    This 8-week course is designed to help you access an optimal level of happiness in your life. 

    The key to opening the door to true happiness begins with YOU.

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    "I had such an amazing experience with the Happiness Program. It was refreshing to not feel alone about what I was going through. I enjoyed sharing with women in all different parts of their lives, it helped me realize I was not the only person going through a hardship. It gave me¿ new perspectives on how to handle situations that normally I would either push aside or let take control of my life. I still use a lot of the pillar activities daily to help me lead a happier and more positive life! "

    - Amanda D                                                                     


      Inside of you, there is a "Happy-Key" that's not defined by one particular person, place, or thing. 

      You are the key.

      Happiness is a state of being and it starts with being accountable for your actions, and more importantly, the choices you make in your life daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.

      The Happiness Course is a systematic approach to scientifically hack and expand your happiness genes. 

      In the course, you'll get access to:

      • 8 weeks of coaching and training
      • Live weekly group training
      • Weekly workbooks
      • ​Weekly accountability training when you need help
      • ​Access to a powerful happiness goal-setting process that will change your life

      ( Starts January 10, 2022 )

      Finding Happiness doesn't happen overnight, but if you're an overachiever who requires a little more love, empathy, and accountability to make sure you stay the course, we have a more intimate approach to hands-on happiness.

      In addition to receiving:

      • 8 weeks of coaching and training
      • Live weekly group training
      • Weekly workbooks
      • ​Weekly accountability training when you need help
      • ​Access to a powerful and attainable goal-setting process that will change your life and keep you on track

      You'll have access to:

      • Lifetime Access To The Happiness Program
      • Access To The Private FaceBook Group
      • ​Bonuses Along The Way


      If changing your state of happiness is a state of emergency and has been for a majority of your life, there is a full-immersive option for you that includes everything in the program, in addition to:

      • Access to lifetime coaching
      • ​Deep dive into each pillar of the course with hands-on help with Amy 

      NOTE: This is only for you if you are ready to commit the time and energy to refocus your life in order to get on a path to:

      • Remove stress by organizing your mindset
      • Refocus your physical environment
      • ​Restructure your "digital environment"
      • ​Actively elevate your health and wellness

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